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Said and Oksana weekend

What can we say about the Said and Oksana weekend we just had?

Oksana and friends left Kyiv last week Tuesday morning 6AM. They travelled the long road to end up at the border with Poland and experienced first hand the crossing more than 4 million people have had to make to escape the war. They experienced the warm and emotional reception of the Polish people welcoming them into Europe. From there, they had a flight to Helsinki to spend the weekend with us.

In Helsinki, joined with Said, the couple taught many privates and classes, they socialize with us for three days. For Oksana, an incomprehensible contrast, impossible to get your brain around, compared to the horrors back home that are flooding the news every minute of every day now.

It is hard for us to describe the mix of emotions. Our special weekends are meant to bring community and joy but this one also brought feelings of resistance, perseverance and courage. Resistance to a brutal war that wants you to give up on your country and values. Perseverance to not accept the situation and to keep going no matter how difficult it gets and Courage to stand for the way we want to live our lives and proof that we are all family and we support each other.

Now on their way to the airport, Oksana and friends will return to Poland and from there, back to Kyiv by bus. We caught ourselves lost for words wishing them a safe trip home, realizing full well that home itself is not safe. It is heart breaking.

Oksana is returning with the money you have helped raise with your participation and we trust that she will make sure it gets to the people who need it most.

Said & Oksana, thank you for your energy and for sharing your knowledge. RoughDog, SmoothCat, Virgula, thank you for the music. Atti, thank you for the bread. Special thank you from chef to kitchen Elf for all the help Azembora Team and the whole Azembora family - Thank you - this mattered

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