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The mission continues

At the end of this journey, Azembora thanks our original co-founders and shareholders: Tatjana, Laura, Pekka, Juri, Carlos and Kirsi for sharing the dream and making it happen.

As we go forward we reorganize ourselves into different brands: Carlos and Anna: Helsinki Kizomba Studio and Kudissanga, Tatjana, Juri and Tiina: S-Dance and Sven and Jonna with Azembora.

Azembora will be focused on Kizomba and Semba but we leave Urbankiz well established with: S-Dance - Tatjana and Juri; with DJs Smoothcat, RoughDog, Otso and Akela, with the work Petra is doing on the organization front; with Anne and Baptiste and with a small but strong community.

Azembora dance school is now closed but our whole team has graduated and we are dividing to conquer. The mission continues.

Tatjana, Juri and Tiina

Carlos & Anna

Helsinki Kizomba Studio:

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