Baessa and Bonivern dance shoes

Azembora is spoiled in having Baessa and Bonivern premium dance shoes shop on location at our school. Many of our students are happy customers of these two brands.



Run by Carlos and Anna, Kudissanga is establishing itself as a brand for Kizomba and Semba events in Finland and beyond.


Luanda Semba Festival

In 2019 Azembora attended the first edition and we had an amazing time. From the moment we got back we have been looking forward to the second edition. Now it looks like it will happen this year.


Join Angola

"The cultural Association “Join Angola” was born in Benguela in June 2018 and aims to promote Angolan culture around the world, showing the best that this country has to offer. The Association is made of young Angolans and foreigners, and collaborates with different local and international actors, including dance schools, artists and cultural groups."

Criso and Ana teach at Turma do Básico, Benguela Angola and they also have online classes hosted on


University of Kizomba

University of Kizomba is another great source for information on Kizomba and Semba straight from Angola. They periodically offer online classes with Artists from Angola as well as sessions on musicality, culture, history. They are well worth following on Facebook.


Angolan Dances

Run by our friend Gabriel Cabinda. "This project was born with the aim of helping to promote Angolan Culture, making known the true essence and reality of Angolan Culture and Traditions and its people. "

Angolan Dances gives us access to Angolan artists, both for bookings as well as online classes and videos.