Semba is the older of the three dances we teach at Azembora and is the origin or parent of Kizomba and after some significant modification Urbankiz.
Here are Carlos and Anna with an after class Semba demo a the Nossa Kizomba festival in Amsterdam.



Kizomba is the sibling of Semba. It is danced to Kizomba music and typically focusses more on the connection between the partners than on the energy of the resulting dance.
Here is team Finland with a Kizomba Flashmob in Helsinki 2019.



Kizomba, when it gained popularity in Europe went through some transformation. It was picked up by social dancers and teacher who already had other dance backgrounds. The music also evolved and a spine of genre: GhettoZouk gained more and more popularity. In order to acknowledge the departure from the original Kizomba dance, these new variations first went through a period where they were called Kizomba Fusion and finally fully changed to become a style of its own called Urbankiz.
Here are Tatjana and Riitta with an Urbankiz demo.