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Who we are

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Sven & Jonna

Sven and Jonna are one of Helsinki's Kizomba couples. They met on the dance floor and have been together ever since. After many hours of class from local teachers and many classes from renowned teachers at international festivals they decided to start Azembora.

Azembora was a dance school located in Helsinki Finland, first in Hietalahti during 2017 and then in Sörnainen from 2018 until end of 2023. It gave Kizomba, Semba and Urbankiz a home for classes, parties and specials in Helsinki. 

Always looking to teach and represent these dances as close and true to the source as possible, Sven and Jonna travelled to Angola for the first time in 2019, and they returned multiple times since. Each visit sets new standards to what they wish to transmit back home in Finland. It affects what they teach, what music they play and the energy they try to convey in classes, parties and events. 

At the end of 2023 the Azembora dance school was closed. It ended up being too heavy to continue, both for the time and commitment it took, as well as the financial load it presented every month. Sven and Jonna are able to look back on it with pride. Going forward, all of the people involved in the school, its previous shareholders and co-founders will continue in the scene. Azembora spawned two more companies s-dance and Helsinki Kizomba Studio and also Sven will keep teaching and organizing. 

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