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The Team

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Carlos & Anna

 Carlos Camba is an Angolan dance teacher living in Finland. He has been teaching Kizomba and Semba since 2014 and has regular weekly classes in Finland, as well as monthly international bookings for festivals and workshops all over the world. Carlos has been learning with some of the best and most respected Angolan dancers and teachers. He travels to Angola several times a year to update his knowledge and brush up his skills. He wants to transmit Angolan dances to his students in their authentic form. 

The focus at his classes is teaching students a solid base, posture and body movement, how to play with your waist during the dance and how to add style to your steps. The intent is for everybody to be able to dance socially, not just repeat choreography. 

Carlos likes to have a good relationship with his students, therefore, communication and good sense of humor are fundamental at his classes. "I teach anyone that is willing to learn, doesn't matter the age or gender, for me everyone is welcome", Carlos says.  

Anna has been dancing Kizomba and Semba with Carlos for a few years now, and she travels to Angola several times a year to learn straight from the source. She has been taking classes and courses with some of the most respected Angolan dancers in Angola and Europe. It is very important for her to teach Kizomba and Semba in their authentic form respecting the culture.

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Tatjana & Juri

Tatjana is a passionate dancer. She started her dance journey in 2003 with contemporary and hip-hop, in 2011 continues with Latin dances and many more, also had worked as licensed Zumba instructor. Juri had been dancing Salsa and Bachata since 2011. They both started dancing Kizomba in 2012 and immediately felt in love with this magical dance. They attended many different Festivals, workshops and master classes with most of top teachers in different styles. This passion pushed them to start creating Kizomba community in Nepal, where they had taught Kizomba for 2 years. After coming back to Europe they continue mastering dancing and teaching . In 2014 they participated in Afrolatin Connection‘s Kizomba Bootcamp and performance at Berlin Salsa Congress. They also have attended teacher’s trainings with Petchu and Vanessa in 2015, and with Afrolatin Connection – in 2017. In 2017 they participated in “Show your style” bootcamp with Laurent Yìshu and Fred-Nelson Banderas, and now continue learning in Laurent Yìshu’s Kizomba online school. In 2020-2021, most learning moved online with courses and classes followed from Dilson Rosario, University of Kizomba, Kristofer Mencak to name a few.

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Sven & Jonna

Sven and Jonna are one of Helsinki's Kizomba couples. They met on the dance floor and have been together ever since. After many hours of class from local teachers and many classes from renowned teachers at international festivals they decided to start Azembora in 2016. Preparing to own and operate a school took them to Belgium for teacher training with Frans and Sarah, Jose N'Dongala's students and in 2017 to the Petchu and Vanessa teacher training. They teach Semba influenced Kizomba and you will also see them in many of the other classes at Azembora.

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