Why Dance?

Social dancing opens up a new world to you.

First of all learning to dance is fun. It requires you to concentrate, learn new skills. It is the perfect escape to your normal daily routine. You can have had a crazy busy day, go to a one hour dance class and come out mentally refreshed.

What you learn in classes will enable you to join the social dance community. You will find a whole new world of like minded individuals. In Helsinki there is typically at least one Kizomba party during the week and at least one during the week-end, sometimes there are more.

You will find similar like minded individuals all over the world. You may not speak their language but you will be able to dance with them. Every weekend you can find a Kizomba festival happening somewhere in Europe. People travel to attend classes and to dance through the night at organized parties.

If you have trouble sitting still when music is playing. If you like learning new skills. If you need a new hobby. If you want to make new friends. If you would like more things to do while on holiday. Try social dancing!

Dont have a partner? No problem! In classes we rotate partners anyways. It's the only way to learn. Parties that are organized are social dance parties. Everyone dances with everyone! That's the whole point.