Rental conditions

Rental conditions:

  1. You are able to reserve studios online
  2. You are able to cancel your reservation up to 48 hours from the start of your event
  3. Azembora will send you an invoice for your use of the space after it has occured
  4. Azembora will either organize to open for you for your reservation or agree for you to pick up a key prior to your event.
  5. Azembora reserves the right to re-allocate you to another one of their three studios different from the one you picked yourself. you will of course be notified when this happens.

House rules

  1. Renters take responsibility for the use of proper footwear for their visitors to our space and our dance floors. Only soft sole indoor shoes or socks are allowed on the dance floors.
  2. Azembora is not liable for any injury or lost/stolen property.
  3. No smoking, burning incense or open flames anywhere in the building.
  4. Renters may never leave any equipment, costumes, props or personal belongings anywhere on the premises.
  5. Renters assume responsibility for the security of the space during each rental period.
  6. For any urgent issue that might compromise the structure of safety of the building, please call Azembora (Sven’s number: 050 516 7787)
  7. For accidents, health crises, criminal activities or fires call 112.
  8. Renters are not to rehearse/practice/meet in non-rented space.
  9. Azembora’s office & office equipment is off limits to all renters when an Azembora administrator is not present.
  10. Renters are responsible for replacing any broken or damaged property caused by renter and/or renter’s party.
  11. Shared Facilities. Renter knows that the building may be occupied by others during the Term of this rent, including, but not limited to activities of Azembora.
  12. Renter is solely responsible for carrying her/his own liability insurance.

After use:

  1. Please clean up the studio space you have used when finished. All trash should be thrown away and left items may be put in our labeled “Lost and Found” cabinet located at the reception.
  2. There is a vacuum and broom in the storage if the studio floor requires cleaning
  3. Turn of the speakers and the mixer for the audio equipment you have used.

Closing checklist (If you are the last person leaving the studio)

  1. Walk through the entire building (including bathrooms, all studios and dressing rooms) and ensure no one else is in the building. Make sure you are the last person to leave the studio.
  2. Turn off all lights throughout the building.
  3. Make certain both exterior doors (studio 3, and main entrance are locked and secured.