All our services are offered under Azembora Terms of Service - 20170403

We also have a Code of Conduct for our Customers

We support payment in cash and debit/credit card at the school. We can configure contract payments as e-invoice and you can also buy classes online through our website and through the mindbody application which you can download to your phone.

Contract based pricing

At Azembora we want to create great dancers. Great dancers are created with a lot of practice. This is why our contract based price is the best deal you can get with us. The Azembora contract allows you to come to classes as much as you like at the lowest monthly cost. The full contract details you can find in the Azembora Terms of Service - 20170403 but we also have a handy nutshell summary of what is important: Contract terms in a nutshell

Classes Contract term Price per month (regular/student)
Unlimited 3 months 100/90EUR/month

Service description: Any time access to all regular week day classes (Mon-Fri) and a guaranteed lowest price access to our weekend specials.

Contract term: At this price you commit to stay with us for a 3 month period. you will pay the monthly charge every month during this period. After 3 months, your contract will automatically extend month after month but you have the possibility to cancel before the start of every next month.

Pay as you go pricing

Besides the contracts, we also offer pay as you go service. Either single class drop in or 10/20 turn cards with different validity periods.

Classes Validity Price (regular/student)
1 12/10 EUR
10 5 weeks 100/90 EUR
10 3 months 110/100 EUR
20 5 weeks 150/140 EUR
20 3 months 170/160 EUR
Unlimited 4 weeks 170/160 EUR

If you have purchased a 10 or 20 turn card for 5 weeks and you run out of time, you are able to turn it into a 3 month validity card by paying the difference. (10 EUR for 10 turn card, 20 EUR for 20 turn card).

Kizomba First Steps Course

First Steps bootcamp - (3 hours) 30 EUR
First Steps Course - (All hours) 100 EUR First Steps Course - (8 hours) 80 EUR

See first steps details here