Urban Weekend


Registration is needed for this weekend, we will be managing the leader/follower balance. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer then please contact us on Facebook or send us an email at info@azembora.com .

Pricing Option Price
Follower Full Pass (10 hours of class + 2 parties) 120 EUR
Leader Full Pass (8 hours - 2 parties) 100 EUR
Contract Customer Follower Full Pass (10 hours of class + 2 parties) 80 EUR
Contract Customer Leader Full Pass (8 hours of class + 2 parties)
70 EUR
International Follower Full Pass (10 hours - 2 parties) 100 EUR
International Leader Full Pass (8 hours - 2 parties) 80 EUR



18:00-19:00 Registration & Social

19:00-20:00 Lloyd & Inna

20:00-21:00 Lloyd & Inna

21:00-3:00 Party


14:00-15:00 Inna - Lady Styling

15:00- 16:00 Avinash

16:00-17:00 Lloyd & Inna

17:00-18:00 Lloyd & Inna

21:00-3:00 Party


14:00-15:00 Inna - Lady Styling

15:00- 16:00 Avinash

16:00-17:00 Lloyd & Inna

17:00-18:00 Lloyd & Inna

About the artists

The Movement Blueprint is an organization dedicated to the continued pursuit of the growth within a dancer. If inspiration is like air, we see it as our mission to provide and create the environments for dancers to breathe. By connecting and bringing different worlds, people and feelings together.

Lloyd Winter

Lloyd Winter is an international dance teacher, de founder of The Movement Blueprint en Mode Zéro, and the innovator of one of the styles of Urban Tarraxa.
He lives in Amsterdam en is known for his unique style, his way of teaching and his technical skills.

During the last six years Lloyd has traveled to many parts of the world to teach Urban Kiz en Tarraxa to levels of beginners to advanced and teachers.

With is background in partial arts, his work as artist and interest in understanding movement he has developed a special and creative approach to dancing.His focus on technique and details allows for both beginner and more advanced level dancers to reach the next level of their dance potential. As an educated teacher he also understands well how to transmit knowledge to other people. His inspiring Urban Kiz- en Tarraxa-classes and workshops include fun exercises, lots of technique and styling but the emphasis is on the connection between the partners.

Lloyd believes music fills our souls and allows us to let go and be taken away by it. “You can teach people steps but there is much more to teach before people are able to express their emotions through dance”.

Inna Jadore

Inna's dance journey started already when she was 5 years old. Dancing has always been a great part in her life. She started with ballet, practiced modern dancing, Hip-Hop and Bulgarian folk dances while she regularly performed, also abroad. She took part in musical performances as a dancer and a singer.

In 2012 she completed the long-desired professional training in salsa all styles (cuban, LA and NY salsa) and assisted classes for 1,5 years.
In 2013 she discovered Kizomba and fell in love with the kizomba flow and music. From this time on she went to a great number of kizomba festivals and workshops in different countries and is being always keeping developing with focus on urbankiz and urban tarraxa.


Avinash started dacing kizomba in 2015 and soon took classes with Mode Zéro.

His style and dedication got noticed and he was soon asked to join the Mode Zéro team.

Together with the taxi team he traveled all across Europe. During this perdiod he got the opportunity to develop his skills and passion for the dance more and more. End of 2018 he started to pair up with other Mode Zéro artists for giving workshops in different countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Sweden and Holland.

His specialty and preferences lies in the more urban styles such as urban kiz, tarraxa and douceur

Mode Zéro Taxi

Mode Zéro taxi dance service includes a dedicated team of social dancers and teachers. They are known for their skill in dancing Kizomba, among the styles Urban Kizomba (Urban Kiz) and Douceur. The crew is seen dancing at many Kizomba Festivals and Parties throughout Europe — bringing the ultimate experience to the dancefloor!

Avi and Jay will keep the ladies dancing all night

DJ David Ruela

David Ruela is a DJ from Portuguese/CapeVerdean origin, living in the Netherlands. He is best known for his Mashups and creative way of spinning.