Studio rental

Azembora is a beautiful space consisting of three studios which can be flexibly combined. The studios are 70, 70 and 80 m2 for a total of 220 m2 of dance floor. Azembora is a dance school, we have a hardwood floor which we are very proud but also very protective of. We only allow indoor shoes and no hard soles, do take this into account. This is not a general use space. Please check our rental conditions and house rules.

Our spaces are available for rent outside of our own hours of operation. On weekdays we operate from 18:00-22:00

Our hourly rental rates are as follows:

Full space (220 m2): 100 EUR per hour (24% VAT Included)
2 rooms combined (140 or 150 m2) 60 EUR per hour (24% VAT Included)
Single studio (70 m2) 35 EUR per hour (24% VAT Included)

You can check availability and book studios below:

We are interested in finding recurring use partners. If you are interested to run your own classes/activities outside of our operating hours, we would like to hear from you. For recurring use we can offer you better prices than listed above.

Please contact us at