Special Weekends

João & Giedre special - Saturday 28th April

Be aware: registration required, we are aiming for perfect balance, you may be put to the waiting list if we do not have a partner for you. Register a the bottom of this page or by sending email to info@azembora.com

João & Giedre teach together for 4 years. They live in Frankfurt (Germany) and own kizomba school called “Kizomba Fabrik”, where they give weekly classes and organize parties. What is more, they give monthly classes in Stockholm (Sweden) and weekend workshops in different kizomba festivals all around the world. Together they organize 5 international kizomba events: 4 of them take place in Portugal and 1 in London (UK).

Their classes are known as very detailed and highly technical, they focus on traditional kizomba and semba, pay a lot of attention to the Angolan culture, introduce retro music to the classes, teach not only kizomba, semba, tarraxinha, but also they give classes of old school kizomba flow, leading and following techniques, musicality. They created modern class of kizomba with tango influence, which got one of their most popular classes at the moment.


14:00-15:00 Kizomba Leading and Following
15:00-16:00 Tarraxinha
16:00-17:00 Musicality

21:00-22:00 Kizomba with Tango Elements
22:00-**:** Party with DJ Rock

We will give priority to people who book for the whole schedule as these classes link together and we are aiming to have good balance.

Daytime pass: 36 EUR (3 hours)
Azembora contract customer daytime pass: 15 EUR (3 hours)

Weekend pass: 50 EUR (4 hours + party)
Azembora contract customers weekend pass: 30 EUR

Azembora 10 and 20 turn card turns can also be used.
Single class drop in: 12 EUR