Special Weekends

Audi and Pamelita MPK
Feb 16 - Feb 17 2019

Be aware: Registration required! We are aiming for perfect balance, you may be put to the waiting list if we do not have a partner for you. Register a the bottom of this page or by sending email to info@azembora.com

14:00-17:00 UrbanKiz technical steps and musicality
14:00-17:00 Tarraxo body movement and technical steps

For both days please count on the classes to end by 6PM so that we have time to introduce breaks and in case something extends or runs late.

We have full pass and Day pass for this weekend
Full pass: 80 EUR (6 hours of class + party)
Azembora contract customer full pass: 50 EUR (6 hours of class + party)

Day pass: 40 EUR (3 hours of class)
Azembora Contract Customer Day Pass: 25 EUR (3 hours of class)

Party Pass: 10 EUR
Audi MPK

Born in the states, grew up in France and the US, Audi quickly fell in love with Kizomba especially with the French style. Teaching Urban Kiz and Tarrax' - learned from renowned instructors such as Afro Latin Connection, Eddy Vents, Moun & Marta, Enah, Laurent/Adeline, Gwany/Kizzy, Jordan Joy, Jojo/Mickaela and many more, his unique musicality and dance approach has ranked Audi Mpk among one of the top Urban Kiz instructors in North America.

Now located in Dallas, Texas, Audi's dedication to spread the knowledge and his love for Kizomba is undeniable. Participating in and creating multiple workshops across the states, Audi branded himself as Audi Mpk which stands for (Musicality Personality Kizomba). His curriculum focuses on understanding movements that correspond to the music, adding personality, fun, feeling, being precise, focusing on detail, and mastering the techniques of leading and following.

Pamela Hernandez

Pamela has always had a love and appreciation for the arts but started partner dancing only 4 short years ago. Initially, she fell in love and became addicted to Country dancing (all styles), then later developed an interest in Latin dancing (salsa & bachata). From that point, Pamela split her focus equally between the two genres until she was invited to a ballroom studio in San Antonio, TX that taught Salsa, Bachata and other various styles of dance. It was there that she encountered her first Kizomba class.

Marietta Villalobos was the instructor at the time and through her, Pamela learned Authentic Kizomba and Tarraxinah. After a few months Marietta offered Pamela an apprenticeship alongside Aaron Gallegos. Kizomba quickly stole her heart and took over all the other dances in her life. Shortly after, Pamela was introduced to Charles Ogar and began to learn Urban from Mr.Neokiz himself. Pamela continued to train with Marietta, Aaron, and Charles for about a year before she found herself in a position to teach locally in San Antonio once her instructors moved.

Pamela is among the top Kizomba & Urbankiz ambi dancers in North America. She currently resides in Dallas, TX and instructs alongside Audi MPK in Urbankiz & Tarrax; focusing on understanding body movement, musicality, precision, and mastering the techniques of following.