The Music

The African music industry is alive and well and it has famous artists who are releasing new music on a weekly basis.

Most of Kizomba music originates in Angola and Cap Verde. It has a recognizable beat pattern and is often recorded with live instruments rather than computer or synthesizer generated sounds:

Mago de Sousa - Carolina

Iolass Pires - Gata Morena

Matias Damasio - Loucos ft. HĂ©ber Marques

Ghetto Zouk embodies the pop-version of kizomba, it borrows the recognizable beat pattern but injects a clear R&B influence.

Elji Beatzkilla - Bazooka

Mario - Let Me Love You

Saaphy - Side 2 Side

Tarraxinha was developed by DJs playing Kizomba festivals. It is digital music with hard underlying beats.

Dj paparazzi - Me Tarraxa Assim

Dj Ghost Face & Dj Drew - The Godfather Tarraxa

All The Way Up - DJ Chad

Urban Kiz is a dance style that originally got developed to Ghetto Zouk music. Since it originated out of France however, more music is being created to suit this dance style and these are often remixes of popular songs.

Work Remix Kizomba by Dj Anilson

Elastik Heart Kizomba Remix By Yami Step One

Drake - Once Dance - Kizomba Remix

Semba is the root of Kizomba. Semba music will put a smile on your face. It has a special kind of energy which makes dancing to it a playful activity. A good indicator of a Semba song is the use of the reco-reco instrument.

Semba - Bumba

Margarida - Eddy Tussa

SilĂȘncio - Mago de Sousa

Kuduro / Afrohouse is high energy music often used in party animation where leaders alternate to show a group of dancers moves they will then all follow.

Segura o corpo - The Groove

Bela Bela Bela

C4 Pedro - African Beauty