Gabriel Cabinda Weekend


Saturday 14:00-17:00

Sunday 14:00-17:00


We have been talking to Gabriel about the topics for his classes. We have asked if he wants to teach Semba or Kizomba. His answer is a first good reason why you should be attending this weekend: "I would say classic Semba and Semba show. Maybe a few Kizomba steps because Kizomba does not have that much to teach".

"The reality is that if you master Semba, Kizomba becomes so much easier to dance because Semba gives you so much abilities"

Normally we ask teachers for topics for each hour of class they will be teaching. Gabriel's request is not to work with topics, rather for him to start with the first class, see what we know and work with that to give us what he thinks we need.

We are looking forward to this weekend. It is quite rare to get someone straight from Angola with the ideas about our dances from Angola and with the teaching methodology from Angola.

We do not want to influence this weekend in any way. We do not want to say how it is normally done in Europe. We want to experience this Gabriel's way. Come and experience it with us!


Registration is needed for this weekend, we will be managing the leader/follower balance. You can sign up below without payment and then pay at the school before the first class.

Pricing Option Price
Full Pass (6 hours of class + party) 80 EUR
Day Pass (3 hours of class) 40 EUR
Contract Customer Full Pass (6 hours of class + party) 50 EUR
Contract Customer Day Pass (3 hours of class) 25 EUR
Party pass 10 EUR


The waiting list has now been turned on because we have had a lot of followers registered. To sign up now, please contact us on Facebook or send us an email at and we will register you or put you on the waiting list.

Gabriel Cabinda was born and raised in Angola.

He started his Semba and Kizomba journey in 2005 when he joined the UniĆ£o Classico do Semba Dance school. He did well and ended up master teacher there from 2010-2011. In 2011 Gabriel participated in a big Kizomba and Semba competition in Angola. Out of more than 5.000 candidates he came in first place as winner of the event.

Since he could not travel to Europe like other champions do, he focused his efforts to promote Kizomba in Angola. In 2012, he and other colleagues organized the project Kizomba na rua. In the same year he organized the first workshop of Kizomba dance in Angola. He also created a dance group for orphans, which worked to help these children in need.

In 2015 Gabriel went to South Africa on a scholarship from Fundo Soberano de Angola to study Hospitality management. He stayed for 3 years. While there, he was teaching dance to all his colleagues and he was nominated as minister of culture for the school, with responsibility to create events for his colleagues.

In 2018 January he got back to Luanda where he started working as Night Auditor at Skyna Hotel Luanda. Currently he still teaching Semba & Kizomba and organizing the projecto Kizomba na Rua again. This is a big event in Luanda, a unique place in where you can dance Kizomba and Semba every Sunday night.