First Steps

Azembora Kizomba First Steps

Saturday: 14:00-17:00
Sunday: 14:00-17:00

Full Pass: 60 EUR for 6 hours of class
Day Pass: 30 EUR for 3 hours of class
If you were an Azembora contract customer in June, this bootcamp is free of charge for you.

You can sign up by contacting us here on messenger, dropping us a mail at, or by registering through our web site:

In this bootcamp you will get introduced to the Kizomba dance and music.


If you have never danced Kizomba before, you cannot skip Saturday and only attend Sunday. Saturday gives you the foundations needed for Sunday.

Our ambition is to give you, in three hours, the sensation of what it is like to dance Kizomba. Are you ready for the challenge?

We will go through the basic steps, learning how to walk, weight transfer and balance. We will experiment with base 2, base 3, balance step, estrella and virgula. If we have time we will proceed to men and lady exits (saida)

After this bootcamp, if you like Kizomba and wish to continue, you will be ready to join our August First Steps course.


During the next three hours on Sunday, we will first review what we have learned on Saturday. We will follow with a class on chaining of the basic techniques to help you understand how you can increase variety in your dance.

In the last hour we will introduce a couple of additional techniques and combinations.

First Steps July Bootcamp