First Steps

Azembora Kizomba First Steps

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You want to learn how to dance Kizomba but you don’t know how to get started? Azembora has you covered.

We have defined a minimal level that is needed for you to be able to join our regular classes. This minimum level is defined by having mastered a basic set of techniques:

  • Base 1, Base 2, Base 3 and transitions between them
  • Balance step
  • Estrella
  • Virgula
  • Saida Homem
  • Saida Mulher

To get you to this level we have our Kizomba first steps program. This program runs every calendar month 4-5 weeks and it teaches you these basics in a course format.

You are welcome to join the course until the end of its second week. Depending on the number of weeks in the calendar month, we will have a First steps Boot Camp once a month on Sunday. It last three hours and it crash courses you through the first 2-3 weeks of the course, you are then able to join the remaining 2 weeks of the course.

On most of the other weekends, we offer a one hour first steps introduction class. You are welcome to come try this class free of charge to see if Kizomba is something for you.

Below you see the First Step schedule for introduction classes, boot camp and courses.


First Steps Part II - February bootcamp - (3 hours) 30 EUR