As you all know the pandemic is not over so we will do our best to get you dancing as safely as possible.

What does it mean in practice?

  • We are not operating three studios with parallel classes. Instead we are using our full space and operate as a single studio ensuring plenty of free space for all couples with the maximum amount of ventilation the space can offer.
  • Because of this, available days of the week are split between ourselves and our partner Helsinki Dance Central. Azembora days will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
  • We do not have the dressing rooms in use and invite you to come ready to dance and to leave your belongings on the side of the dance floor.
  • Classes will operate in hybrid mode meaning that students (and teachers) will choose to either rotate partners in class or to have a fixed partner.
  • We will not be having drop in classes. Our intention is to have a fixed audience safety "bubble" of dancers.
  • All passes are pre-sold and pre-registered online, we will not have class check in or pass payments at the school.

When you attend classes:

  • Assume everyone is social distancing until it is clear they are not. do not go around hugging everyone you recognise until it is confirmed that is ok for them.
  • Make proper use of disinfectant that is provided in the space.
  • Do not crowd the toilets, wait your turn outside the toilets where there is more space.