The Dances

Partner dances

Kizomba is really taking the world by storm. Originally from Angola and often referred to as African Tango, its grace, beauty and the connection it creates between couples has gotten many hooked and addicted.

That is why our team has decided to build this school and dance center around this dance. Let us start by showing you some videos.

The people dancing here are international artists. The video was taken at one of the many international festivals, in this case Tallinn iKiz festival. These teachers travel across the world to teach and inspire dancers. We will be inviting international teachers to come and teach at our school of a regular basis.

In recent years, new styles of Kizomba have and are being developed that are gaining in popularity. These styles are referred to Kizomba fusion, Urban Kiz and Kizomba 2.0 and they take influences from hip hop and other dances and create styles that are very popular to European audiences. French dancers and teachers have been a great driver in what some call the evolution of Kizomba.

Here is an example of another famous couple Albir and Sara with a Kizomba Fusion demo recorded at the Summer Sensual Days festival in Croatia:

Here is an example of Urban Kiz by one of its creators Curtis Seldon and his partner Carola at the Brussels Kizomba Festival:

These video's should give you an idea but a simple search for Kizomba on Youtube will return you a result of 1,8 million videos. There are many examples out there of people dancing this dance.

Next to Kizomba, we will also offer classes in Semba, the original dance style from Angola from which Kizomba was derived.

Solo dances

Where Kizomba and Semba are partner dances, we also offer classes in Kuduro, Afrohouse and Afrobeats. These are high intensity dances guaranteed to get your heart pumping. A great work-out and often used as animation at Kizomba parties. Here is an Afrohouse example by As Malucas - Donna and Meri are teaching at Azembora

Here is an Afrobeats example, Laura Laiapea (in the middle) teaches at Azembora