Terms in a nutshell

  • Contracts give you all you can dance access to Azembora regular classes Monday - Friday and a best price guarantee to all Azembora special weekends classes (5 EUR per hour)
  • The Azembora contract rewards you for dancing a lot. If you manage to take 14 or more hours of class per month then the Azembora contract is your best pricing option. For example: 2 hours two days per week -> Azembora contract is your best pricing option.
  • The more you dance the cheaper your classes get.
  • The Azembora contracts requires a three month commitment - you accept to stay with us for three months and to pay the monthly fee during each of these three months.
  • After the three month period, your contract will automatically extend month after month but you are able to cancel it before the start of each new month.
  • The rate you signed up on is guaranteed during the life of your contract.
  • As an Azembora contract customer you have the right to freeze your contract for 4 weeks per calendar year. If you let us know before the calendar month you have your vacation in, we will reduce your invoice for that month accordingly. Minimum vacation period for freeze periods is one week.
  • If you get sick and can’t dance or if you are traveling for work for one week or more, you can let us know and we will reduce your invoice for your next payment accordingly.
  • Azembora also has the right to freeze the customer contract, should we for example choose to close the school during the summer period, you will not be charged your monthly contract during that period.
  • Contract payments are payments in advance, contract payments become due at the beginning of each calendar month and we expect payment during each calendar month.
  • You are able to terminate your contract during your three month commitment but in that case you accept to be charged 50% of your remaining commitment fees.
  • If you become permanently ill and you are not able to dance or if you need to relocate outside of the metropolitan area we will also allow you to terminate your contract before your 3 month commitment expires.